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Bats 2015  

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    Bat websites

    Bats' Bodies

    Bats4Kids: Look - What Does a Bat Look Like?

    San Diego Zoo  - Look at the section called "Up, Up, and Away" for information about why they hang upsidedown.

    All About Bats: What do Bats Eat? - Look at the last two paragraphs. They compare megabats and microbats and explains what is different about their eyes and ears.

    KidZone Bat Senses

    KidZone Bat Wings

    Idaho Public TV Bats: Facts -  Bat Wings

    Australasian Bat Society


    Different Types of Bats

    Live Science: Facts About Bats - Second paragraph gives the number of species.

    Wildlife Library: Bats - Under the "Size" section it gives the largest and smallest bats in the U.S. (not the world). Also look at "Typical Lifespan" to see how long bats usually live.

    Bat Worlds: Species
     - Click on different links about different kinds of bats

    Kidzone: Types of Bats


    Bats4Kids: Echo

    San Diego Zoo - Read the section called "I Hear Food!"

    National Parks: Echolocation 

    All About Bats: What is Echolocation?

    Families and Life Cycle

    San Diego Zoo - Look at the section called "Bat Babies"

    Kidzone - Life Cycle of a Brown Bat

    Kidzone: Bat Babies

    BCT: A Year in the LIfe of a Bat


    All About Bats: What do Bats Eat?

    San Diego Zoo - Look at the section called "What's for Dinner?"

    Bats4kids: Foods

    Wingtips About Bats - Read the "Little Brown Bat" section. It tells HOW the little brown bat catches its food.



    Bats4Kids: Look - Look at the section called "Hands and Wings"

    San Diego Zoo Look at the section called "Up, Up and Away"

    New York Times Video: How Do Bats Fly?

    KidZone Bat Wings



    Bats4kids: World 

    Bats4kids: Homes

    National Wildlife Foundation: Bats look under "Habitat" and "Range"

    KidZone Bats: The Country Bat and the City Bat

    How bats are important to us and the world

    Bats4Kids: Help

    San Diego Zoo  - Look at the section called "We need bats"

    Idaho Public TV Bats: Facts - Look at the section called "Bat Benefits"


    Myths and Truths about Bats

    Bats4Kids Myths

    Bats4Kids Help 

    Incredible Bats 



    Bat Worlds: Bat Predators

    What Eats Bats?

    Bat Worlds: Fruit Bats - Scroll way down to the section called "Predators"



    San Diego Zoo -Look at the section called "Hanging Around"

    How Bats Work

    Wonderopolis: Why Do Bats Sleep Upsidedown?

    Vampire Bats

    National Geographic: Common Vampire Bat

    All About Bats: Vampire Bats


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